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Weekend Writing Challenge 08/25/2017

Rhetoric Askew


We love to challenge our writers at Rhetoric Askew on Facebook.

Here are this week’s challenge winners:

Flash Fiction Winners: Josh James and Christina Santana

When One World Ends…

by Josh James

From over the mountains, a blinding, white light devoured the sky. Amelia had never seen anything so dazzling or terrifying before in her life… She knew this was the end. It not only ate the sky but the mountains before her and came rushing towards her, with the awful grace of a tsunami wave. She smiled, she laughed and she cried profusely, as the wave came for her. There were so many things left undone. Then there was nothing…

When she awoke, she was confused. Until she saw an empty world and knew she was dead. Not much to do about that, but this was unsettling. Amelia was raised by Christian parents and despite having a very loose belief, she was…

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Weekend Writing Challenge 08/25/2017

Weekend Writing Challenge 09/01/2017

Rhetoric Askew


Weekend Writing Challenge is alive and well at Rhetoric Askew on Facebook. Here are this week’s challenge winners.

Poetry Winners: David van den Berg, Lance Vicher, and Felix Carson

Angels’ Refrains
© 2017 Felix R. Corson

The road is long,
The ending sure.
I must stay strong,
I will endure.

There is no pain
Without a cure.
The sweet refrain
Of angels pure!

I hear their song,
‘Tis heaven sweet.
Refrains prolong,
‘Til death I meet.

The road is strewn
With stumbling stones.
Their happy tune
Drowns out my groans.

No matter what
God plans for me,
I can be sure that
He’s set me free!

The road is long,
The ending sure.
I must stay strong,
I will endure.


by David van den Berg

Speak to me mother, it’s been a long time.
Don’t fool me, can you comprehend approval?
For the search has to deliver, for I…

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Weekend Writing Challenge 09/01/2017

The Biggest Bitch in the Pack – Kerry- 6/4/17

A must read ❤

One Year of Letters

The Biggest Bitch in the Pack

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

June 4th, 2017

My daughter, Bear, has a service dog through Canine Companions for Independence. We waited three years while the organization vetted us as a qualified family and while the appropriate dog was trained. When the time came and a dog with the right potential personality and skills became available, we moved to Dublin, Ohio for intense training. To graduate as a service team, we needed to master the commands and show our ability to adapt them in ways to help when we reached home. My daughter, her dog Latte, and I form a three-point companion team. Although Bear and Latte are usually pretty good about remembering, I reinforce the commands and ensure they pay attention to the rules in public.

My girl has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, autism, and a number of other diagnoses. Latte helps keep…

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The Biggest Bitch in the Pack – Kerry- 6/4/17

Pelham Hills by Sara Eddy

Background photo: Skeeze/Pixabay, CC0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Sara Eddy teaches composition and American Literature and tutors in the writing center at Smith College.  Her work has recently appeared in Panoply Zine and Surreal Poetics.  She grew up in, and now lives again, in Amherst, Massachusetts–and therefore loathed Emily Dickinson, until she grew up and realized Dickinson is our badass mother.  She believes in green stuff, black tea, kindness, and cussing, and lives with her husband, two teenagers, three beehives, and a periodically asshole cat in Amherst, Massachusetts.  She can be reached at

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Pelham Hills by Sara Eddy