Mandy Melanson signs with RhetAskew Publishing

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We are thrilled to announce Mandy Melanson has signed with RhetAskew Publishing to bring, ‘A Mother’s Instinct’ to readers everywhere.

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A Mother’s Instinct

Coming Soon

FromMandy MelansonandRhetAskew Publishing

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Mandy Melanson signs with RhetAskew Publishing

Admin Challenge Winner Maribeth Parot-Juraska 7/15/2018

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On Breast of Earth

by Maribeth Parot-Juraska

On breast of earth,

our feet all touch, while beyond,

Tappity-tappity-tappity, thump! of baby’s rump, first few steps, momma beyond reach.

Tiptoe ballerina, pliéing before cyclops eye in Gershwin.

Clappity-clap of jockeys, racing with mint julip leaves.

Shuffle-clump, shuffle-clump, old men with walkers,

buttocks peeking between blue clover print, fabric slits of hospital gowns.

Silent, of the policeman, before kicking closed door with his leg.

Rustle-pause, rustle-pause, one-breasted mothers near swinging doors of chemo wards.

Clip-clop of workers on assembly lines, faster when it’s Friday, making

weightless high top sneakers, airborne blurs, while LeBron dunks;

carbon composite poles bending like drinking straws, shoe spikes sole-side-up,

vaulters arch toward clouds, smirking at gravity,

that astronauts frosted with rocket juice on stars, until

gravity smirks back.

Falling hush of daffodil petals,

husked in unopened buds,

bending blades of greening grass, arching away from clouds,


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Admin Challenge Winner Maribeth Parot-Juraska 7/15/2018

Cover Reveal – PEN Nominee LADYBIRD ADRIFT

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PEN Award Nominated



Alison Downs



“Love knows no age barriers, and in LADYBIRD ADRIFT, Alison Downs writes a bittersweet novel about love between a younger woman and an older man. As their love grows, so does the realization that a health issue threatens their relationship and happiness. This moving and tender love story highlights the heartbreak of a loved one’s descent into Alzheimer’s, depicted through the eyes of both victim and caregiver. This book will move every reader’s heart as it opens a window into this pitiless illness that has no cure.”  Lurlene McDaniel, best-selling author of “Losing Gabriel: a love story.

LAA teaser2

From the Editor

Downs takes the reader on an unapologetic journey through love in the face of Alzheimer’s. When you read this book, you will appreciate how precious each small moment can be. Prepare to be moved…

FrontCoverImage Ladybird Adrift Alison Downs

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Cover Reveal – PEN Nominee LADYBIRD ADRIFT

Askew Challenge Winner AJ Mullican 7/08/2018

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“It’ll be a hard-won battle,” they said. Hardly won, more like it. As I sit and rest my weary legs, warmed by the flames of destruction, I think about the massive loss of life in this “win.”

Valhalla gained her fair share of warriors this day, on both sides of the field. I didn’t see the Valkyries come for them, so blinded was I by blood lust and righteous vengeance, but no war this bloody, no battlefield this littered with bodies should have missed their attention. I hope Grommvir gets to dine with Odin. Odin was always his favorite.

When they spoke of this war, they spoke of glory and honor, of feasts and plenty. There will be no feast tonight. No wine nor mead remains in the burning wreckage of the camp. What little food is left must be rationed for the journey home.

Home. The word brings no fond…

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Askew Challenge Winner AJ Mullican 7/08/2018

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Welcome Askew Author, Kerry E.B. Black! We are thrilled to work with you and see the SEASON OF SECRETS come to life.

Kerry Black SOS RhetAskew Publishing Kerry E.B. Black lives along a fog-enshrouded river outside the land where George A. Romero’s Dead dawned. She dances with words to create some nightmarish stores that dip into the universality of fear. Some of the works of this First Reader for “Postcard Poems and Prose” have crept into anthologies, and she enjoys working with Kerry is a wife to a good man and a mom of 5 delightful urchins and their menagerie.

Kerry’s debut novel SEASON OF SECRETS is coming soon from RhetAskew Publishing. 

Author teaser SOS KerryBlackAbout SEASON OF SECRETS

Did Equinox Magic lead to murder, and is Casey Adams to blame?

Casey juggles the responsibilities of a stressful life, but after participating in a campus ceremony, these concerns seem minor compared to a growing dread that…

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