Granted – picture prompt response

I walked sixty days searching for any sign of life. I haven’t seen anyone since the incident, and wondered if the world still existed. I have one bullet left and with no signs of 13769504_1628389450804696_1650522108322596342_ncivilization I think it’s time. After, I make camp tonight, eat my last meal, and remember the love Jill gave me freely, I will put it in my brain. She showed me her love every time I came home, from the war I didn’t even want to fight, with a new song of peace and love. I wish I could hear a few of her beautiful notes before my ending. I lift my eyes from the ground and in the middle of this forsaken dead forest stands a piano. ‘Thank you, for granting my wish.’

Granted – picture prompt response

4 thoughts on “Granted – picture prompt response

  1. Aw, happy he got his wish. Sound like a horrible situation being stick in a war you don’t believe in. And I think something happened to his poor love Jill. Great story, sad, but he did get his wish and that’s something.

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