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How do you go against the rules with your writing? My response…


     I’m a big you have to understand the rules, to break them. Often, I find the writer who always breaks a particular rule, doesn’t understand. I say that because the rules have reasons to be here.

     Not all passive verbs are bad, but active verbs are more exciting, and easy to read. If someone is being acted upon, by definition, it is passive. If the sentence is passive, it makes sense. However, overuse of passive voice, becomes boring to the reader. Readers want to imagine themselves in the book or story. And you can’t do that passively. Passive voice tends to be a bit wordy too.

     Another rule people love to break, adverbs. Though I don’t actually (Pun intended) agree that “the road to hell is paved (wait is that passive?) with…

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My2Cents ~ On Rules