The Power Of Make-Believe

Be Askew. Be Inspired.

Remember when you were little? With very little effort, you could pretend you were anyone, and you could do anything. From playing ‘house’ to adventuring through the jungle, all it took was an idea, and a sense of wonder. Even if you were all alone, you could pretend to be an entire group of different people, and they could interact within your imagination.

When we first become aware of the world around us, it is a place of wonder, mystery and endless possibilities. If we are fortunate enough to grow in a home filled with love and support, we soon develop a curiosity about all the things that we don’t know yet, and a desire to experience our dreams. As we grow, we discover that we have within us the power to create any world we want to play in, and in our world, we can be anything or anyone…

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The Power Of Make-Believe

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