“Help! My first draft is a mess.”

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1st Drafts

There’s a common thread among new writers. Anxiety.

“What should I write about?”

“What powers should I give my character?”

“How do I make sure my character is relatable?”

The cold, hard truth is if you’re asking these questions more than once or twice then they aren’t questions about your story. These are covert ways of anxiety and insecurity rearing their ugly little faces as procrastination.

We support authors and artists in their quest to create worlds and inspire readers, so we love discussing story ideas and helping authors develop their stories and characters. But if a writer is asking the same questions, they aren’t progressing. If they aren’t progressing in the story then they aren’t writing  If they aren’t writing, you guessed it, they’re asking these questions as a way to procrastinate.

There’s a thousand, nah—a million reasons to procrastinate.  They boil down to just…

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“Help! My first draft is a mess.”

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