His Touch

Angela L. Lindseth


The first time she felt his lips her body tingled, not just the wondrous moment of skin on skin, but an actual tingle. He nuzzled her neck and her side erupted with goosebumps, all the way to her toes. God, it felt like ice cream on a hot day, something so intense she would not have believed it was real if she hadn’t seen the rise of her skin and the felt quickening of her heart.

Her reaction to his caress astonished her. She never expected to feel this way again; the love of her life gone for so many years, yet so dear to her heart. She was much too old for this kind of behavior and never for an instant did she think she was capable of returning such lust.

He said the things a girl longs to hear; the sweet mumbles of romantic notions, promises of the…

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His Touch

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